EZBrew VS Smartbrew Comparison

Two Reputable Industry Leaders Provide Cutting Edge Beer Brewing Solutions for the Restaurant Industry.

EZBrew and Smartbrew are on the cutting edge when it comes to brewing technology.  Both Smartbrew and EZBrew offer restaurants a choice over the dreaded beer distributor. 

They provide a solution that doesn’t require any experience and produces the freshest craft beer for your restaurant. 

Although they share the same love for the craft and comradery often found in independent craft brewers around the world they are some distinct differences between the two systems.

Let’s Compare!

5BBL Tank Size
No Experience Required
Self-Cleaning Tanks
iPad/Mobile App/Virtual Brewer
Remote Monitoring Beer/Fermentation
Monthly Fee
TTB/State License Support
Operate on 110 Volt
Brew-Ready Beer Kits (Wort, Hops and Yeast)
Based In United States
Kegging Equipment Incuded
Starting Price
Under $100k
Over $100k
Installation Time
One Day
Up to Four Days
Minimum Foot Print
35 Square Feet
150 Square Feet
Typical Loss Per Batch
4 Gallons
13 Gallons

Information Accurate as of 11.1.2022