Add An Automatic Craft Brewery To
Any Restaurant

Pennies Per Pint | No Brewing Experience Needed

Beer That Basically Brews Itself!

with industry leading features

Click and Mix

Auto-mix technology eliminates the need for manual mixing. Unique quick connections lock into place with ease. Less labor, more peace of mind.

The Perfect Pour

Pub customers will be amazed at our unique in-line filtration and direct draw system. Your venue will have the freshest craft beer possible: yours!


Simple, automated, effective, and no elbow grease required.  Your automated brewpub is ready for the next batch. 

Scan and Brew

Our EZBrew mobile app communicates with our automated brewpub system and walks you through the brewing process step by step. It’s your own virtual brewer. No need for expensive and over complicated control panels when you have one of our iPads.

Tight Spaces. Big Impact.

When it comes to getting the most out of your precious square footage, EZBrew is an industry leader. Our automated brewing system requires just 30 square feet of space, leaving you with more room for tables, chairs, and paying customers.

Licensing Made “EZ”

Yes, you need a federal Brewer’s Notice and state license to produce your own beer. But don’t worry: our in-house regulatory team can secure federal and state licenses on your behalf. Less red tape for you means you’ll enjoy your freshly made beer with no headaches.

Want to Create Craft Beer On-Site and
Increase Your Sales?

Let’s get in touch and discuss how we can help you start crafting
beer for your Business and save money each month.

Brew-Ready© Beer Kits

EZBrew provides all the ingredients you need to produce your own beer, EZWort, hops, and yeast in a super simple kit format.  

A Beer For All Occasions

The EZBrew system can create an extensive range of beers, ranging from a crisp and invigorating Pilsner to a succulent IPA and rich and full-bodied Imperial Stouts.

Beer Bill Breakdown

Most EZBrew customers see a savings of over 50% on their current beer bill.

Customer Success Stories

How Does it Work?

EZBrew Install

Install takes just a few hours — you'll be amazed at how simple the process can be.

Order Brew Ready© Beer Kits

We are the only brewing company to supply the hardware and all ingredients needed - wort, hops and yeast.

Remote Monitoring

Connect the included iPad to WiFi and we can monitor the fermentation process from our headquarters in North Carolina.


With four ways to serve, you'll satisfy customers and your bottom line at the same time.

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About EZBrew

With EZBrew, establishments can create their own beer right on their premises without any prior experience.

Our automated beer brewing system allows customers to mix ingredients, ferment the beer, chill it, carbonate it, and serve it all from a single tank.

We create recipes and assemble the necessary ingredients into an easy-to-follow kit format.

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