How It Works

EZWort - Unmatched quality, flexibility, and simplicity

All EZWort starts with fresh grain, mostly barley but occasionally wheat and specialty grains.  To create EZWort, malted grains are mixed with hot water in a process called mashing. The mixture is then strained to remove the solids, leaving behind a sweet, grainy liquid known as wort.

Your EZWort is packaged and sent directly from our facility in North Carlina.   The finest and freshest option for your automatic craft brewery.

EZBrew - How it Works

Get to know the only automated beer brewing system, app, and Brew-Ready® Beer Kits that make producing beer as easy as scanning a QR code.

  • Step 1:  Scan the QR Code that’s included with each Brew-Ready Beer Kit.
  • Step 2: Follow the on-screen instructions.  The app will communicate with sensors in each tank.
  • Step 3: The EZBrew team can monitor fermentation remotely from the included iPad.
  • Step 4: Serve! With at least four ways to serve it’s time to sell your customers the freshest craft beer possible.

How to Get Started

Schedule a Digital Demo

Meet the EZBrew team and see how we outsmart the competition with the most advanced brewing system available.

Try Some Beer

We love visitors at our facility in beautiful Cary, NC. Come and try some beer with us or visit one of our many customers around the country.

Place Your Order

After placing your order, we'll jump right into the build process of your EZBrew system. Our regulatory team will kickstart the process to secure your federal license to produce beer.

Install/Brew Day

Freight delivery with liftgate is included with your EZBrew purchase. The EZBrew team will appear at your venue to set up and train your staff. And just like that, you will be producing your own high-quality, craft beer.